The Good Old Days Prop List


Total Props (or groups of props): 68

Props already made or found to borrow: 43

Props in progress or food to be bought closer to date: 11

Items needed to be donated (not returned): Shoeboxes, Plastic Bottles (the larger, the better), Cardboard, Newspaper, Fabrics, Logs, Birthday Party Hats, Horns & Decorations

Items needed to be loaned (returned at the end of the run): Safety Scissors, Swiffer, Natural-looking (straw) brooms & (string) mops, woven reed mats/rugs, suitcase, plastic plates, bowls, trays, glasses, plastic Jack-o-lantern, Gorilla Mask, Back Packs, School Books, Industrial Broom, Mop & Wheeled bucket, Camping Materials, Platform Shoes (70’s style)

Last Updated: September 15th.

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The Music Man

Costumes from Felt, Cardboard, Feathers, and Determination
Wa Tan Ye Girls
Eulalie’s Headdress
Band Uniforms
Band Hats with Feather Plume
Train Conductor’s Hat
Straw Boater Hats
Reversible Band Jacket for Harold Hill
Alterations of Convenience (well placed pockets and the reversible vest)
Pocket Watches from Pill Boxes

Props: Musical Instruments from Cardboard, Paper, Felt, and Pluck
Pianola Roll
Rescued Snare Drum
Recovered Tom Tom

Books from… wait for it… Paper, Cardboard, Glue, and Luck
Books from Boxes
Phone Book to The Indiana State Educational Journal 1890 – 1910

Suitcases from Laptops Boxes & a Crate from Shipping Box